Get There Safe

A free, helpful, service to map out the 'safest' route home.
Created by AJ, Christophe and Dominique.

Don't get frightened on the way home.

Find the route with the most lighting at night!

Please type in your location and your desired destination. 

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Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – City of Victoria.

About Get There Safe

Around the world, cities experience issues that can cause concern for public safety and security. In the past few months, Victoria itself has been burdened with general and sexual assaults, thefts and cyclist accidents. Our team was concerned for travelling even within the typically safe city where we live; a problem no person should ever experience. The question soon became clear to us: regardless of where you live, how can we travel within our own cities safely?

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"This is amazing.... I got home semi-safe." -Dominique

"Yes, finally a web app I sort of need." - AJ

"Great :D I love Lamps." - Christophe

"You are a fruit, perhaps a pomegranate!" - Sarah

Contact The Team

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback / suggestions on our website, or to just say hello!